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Why Martin Place Securities?

The firm has experienced and respected Resources sector analysts, producing sector and company coverage across a range of market caps, metals and minerals. With nearly half of all ASX listed stocks (by number) in the resources sector, Martin Place Securities coverage and expertise adds value to investors and corporates alike.

 'I follow the markets, not the commentators'- Barry Dawes

Australian Resources Stock Analysis
Offering insight derived from deep industry experience and resource sector knowledge. We provide analyses of stock market trends within the broader macroeconomic setting.
Barry Dawes
Dawes Points Market Commentary
Providing regular updates and breaking news to clients and interested investors through the Dawes Points updates, Barry Dawes is a regular speaker and broadcaster.
Specialists In Resources
With over 20 years experience within the Australian Resources sector, the company is well placed for strong investment opportunities and a knowledgeable investor base.

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Phone: +61 2 9222 9111| Suite 7, 123 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia GPO Box 5263, Sydney NSW 2001 Australia