The Gold Rally Happening Now

by Alison Sammes

Interviewed on Proactive Investors on Wednesday afternoon, Barry Dawes talks on Bulls, Bears & Brokers about his predictions regarding the gold rally that is happening now in the market.

As a long-time GoldBug, Mr Dawes has consistently read the gold market accurately and is happy to share his insights. Regular commentary has been provided through his stock market analysis “Dawes Points“. He regularly suggests that, like himself, investors need to follow the markets, not the commentators.

Is Now The Time To Buy Gold?

If you have subscribed to Dawes Points or follow either MPS or Barry on Twitter, you would have received Wednesdays’ commentary. Inspired by trends in the Gold price and in Gold Stocks, Barry’s shows why he thinks it’s a good time to Buy.

In fact, just in the process of accumulating the data for that issue saw the price jump 1 per cent, a definite sign of the gold rally!

Who Says This Is A Gold Rally?

The Dawes Points is an in-depth technical analysis of the stock market. The focus is usually on the effects world events have on the Australian stock market. Before starting his own firm Barry spent 30 years in investment management as a senior executive.

While his training as a geologist ensures Barry has an exceptional understanding of the resources industry. This is why when he gets excited, those around him get excited as well.

If you don’t have time to read the full analysis, watch his latest interview to get the overview in under 5 minutes. And stay updated by following Barry on Twitter (where he regularly shares his favourite charts of the day).

How To Develop Your Own Analysis Strategy

To quote from the latest Dawes Points market commentary:

Watching the technicals of the price action of gold in US$ and also in other currencies helps a lot.

Watching gold stocks helps even more.

The Philadelphia Gold Index is the key index to watch.  It has already broken out of its wedge and is showing leadership.

The $XAU Gold & Silver Index - Philadelphia Index is one of the key charts to watch, here you can see where it was supported on the downtrend and that it's now ready to go

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