Gold breaks out – MAJOR market move now coming

by Barry Dawes

Gold, silver and all commodities are now breaking upwards

Key Points

  • Gold moving strongly above US$1800
  • Silver kicks through US$20
  • Nth American gold stocks surging
  • Gold stocks moving up vs strong gold
  • ASX Gold Index hits new all time highs
  • Expect 200% upside (YES!!) in ASX XGD
  • NST breaks through A$15 heading for >A$20
  • A$ strong
  • Shanghai market ready for MAJOR upmove
  • Dawes Points Global Boom – ON TRACK!!!!!

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It seems that gold doesn’t want to follow its usual seasonal patterns and is now moving higher in earnest.

Medium term

The long term is very important to envision.

Silver has kicked through US$20 and heading much higher.

Nth American Gold stocks are moving

I see this as a MASSIVE base to propel this index to well over 25,000.

ASX XGD Gold Index

NST superstock to A$20 and beyond

EVN  strong


DEG – so cheap!

BGL  about to soar again

KZR – going parabolic

MGV  – much more to go here

CHN – resting before surge

DGO – great leverage

WRM – watch this very closely – transformed!!

A$ strong and against other currencies

Shanghai – Ready to break much higher

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