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Raisemetrex: A New Capital Raising Platform – Supported by MPS

by Alison Sammes

Key Points

  • New fintech platform allows universal access to capital raisings
  • Novel extended prospectus allows immediate access to new shares
  • Platform may allow streamlined access to future MPS capital raisings
  • Platform useful for Corporate Issuers as well as investors
  • The first opportunity is with Catalyst Metals Limited (ASX:CYL) raising at A$0.50
Call me to discuss ways of participating +61 2 9222 9111
Martin Place Securities is pleased to introduce you to a new fintech web based capital raising platform that can streamline some investment processes for you. The platform will host IPOs and placement opportunities in companies seeking new funding capital and Martin Place Securities will be the first broker to participate in this innovative system. The Raisemetrex platform is a very simple system. It will register you as a user and then allow you to apply for shares in capital raisings, retain all your registration details, provide a BPAY message to carry out the funds transfer and complete the process to the share registry. This will allow you to choose your investment size, complete registration details and send your payment from your desk or your smart phone within minutes. The registration will allow each user to have the details of multiple entities ranging from your own name to your super fund or investment company. The platform will securely provide all the details online to the share registry, allow you to add your HIN or SRN to the specific application form, and deliver the funds to the company's bank account via the BPAY system. The platform will also provide share application form records and a history of all your participation in capital raisings carried out through it so that maintenance of your tax records will be easier. This is a new platform that uses a current company prospectus for capital raisings (IPOs, placements and rights issue shortfalls) and MPS intends to eventually utilise it for most future capital raisings once certain Section 708D issues are incorporated in the platform. MPS encourages you to register with Raisemetrex now and you will see that the first opportunity is with a prospectus issue for Catalyst Metals Ltd (ASX:CYL) at A$0.50. CYL is one of the preferred gold exploration opportunities in the MPS gold sector and I would encourage you to invest if it fits your investment profile. CYL has a large tenement area immediately to the north of the world-famous Bendigo gold mine, which produced 22m oz @ 15g/t, and during the period 1850-1890 was the world’s largest goldfield. The Company has several projects along the important Whitelaw Fault and is in Joint Venture with Gina Reinhart’s Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd, which is funding CYL to earn 50% in the Four Eagles project. The geology is very similar to Bendigo but is totally covered by younger sediments in open farm land. Drill results released on 11 July 2017 included 27m @ 22.3g/t, 22m @ 31.1g/t, and 7m @ 26.1g/t. Numerous other higher drilling intersections have been recorded and the tenements are likely to provide an open cuttable resource in the near future.  Such a resource could provide open cut ore which can be delivered to near-by existing processing plants. St Barbara Limited (ASX:SBM) recently took a 5% investment in CYL at A$0.50. These links gives access to two announcements from 11 July 2017 – A corporate presentation on company activities and the assay results from recent drilling. A prospectus for the CYL issue is available online once you have registered with Raisemetrex. To participate and register with Raisemetrex, please click on the button below. LINK TO RAISEMETREX REGISTRATION AND ALSO TO CATALYST PLACEMENT For any query on Raisemetrex or Catalyst please contact me or Daniela Vecchio on +61 2 9222 9111 or or Barry Dawes Executive Chairman Martin Place Securities

New Course Available

by Alison Sammes

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