Martin Place Securities presents Aspermont

Martin Place Securities presents Aspermont

Aspermont (ASP:ASX) is probably well known to all of you through, Resource Stocks and Mining Journal.

It is an ASX listed publishing company with emphasis on the resource sector and with a global reach in the mining sector that is without peer.

In the evolution of publishing worldwide, it is clear those that have adopted a digital platform and paywall have broken away from those publishers that rely on costly and inflexible print media.

Aspermont has taken this digital platform several steps further and is providing a wide range of content services and global conferencing. With august titles such as the 180 year old Mining Journal, and the Herbert Hoover initiated Mining Magazine and Australia’s Resource Stocks, Aspermont has wide coverage throughout the mining industry.

From a small start in the early 2000’s, Aspermont grew revenue to over AUD$40m in 2012 but as with all things resources revenues declined along with commodity and stock prices.

The Company made massive changes in the structure and nature of the business in the transition from print to the digital platform, and has taken out over AUD$9m in costs and now with the recently completed AUD$10m capital raising, made up of a rights issue, a placement and a shareholder loan debt conversion, leaves the company in a very competitive position that is extremely well placed to benefit from the pick-up in the resources sector.

The conferencing business is experiencing a major turn-around with registrants increasing and newly financed junior resources companies confidently seeking new booth and presentation space in conferences such as Mines and Money London, the new Mines and Money Toronto, Mines and Money Hong Kong and the IMARC Joint Venture held next month in Melbourne.

New Managing Director, Alex Kent, has an I.T. background and has assembled a first rate international team in London to guide Aspermont to not only a cyclical upturn in revenue, but a new global positioning in the digital publishing industry.

Come along to listen to Alex Kent present on the changes and opportunities ahead for Aspermont.

Aspermont Presentation available for download here