Significant New Upleg Likely for Gold Stocks #62

February 27, 2017 | Dawes Points |

Key Points Australian gold industry output up to 18 year high of 298t. Gold sector balance sheets strong Earnings surging with dividends and payout ratios rising Exploration adding to resources for most companies Resolution of trench warfare in gold price battle coming soon Silver and other `white metals ‘ moving higher Copper price has broken […]


Gold Outlook for 2017 #61

January 13, 2017 | Dawes Points |

Gold’s next upleg appear s to now be underway and opportunities abound. The inflationary and prices pressures are building for gold and resources commodities, but which stocks should you look at? Read this latest Dawes Points to learn where you should be investing, and why.


Dawes Points Year in Review and 2017 Outlook #60

January 4, 2017 | Dawes Points |

Key Points Global economic activity is robust Equity markets making new highs Commodity prices remaining firm Global bond markets have broken down US Banking Sector recovering well after 14 years underperformance Oil price ready for further gains in 2017 Outlook for 2017 is more of the same only better Best stocks are BHP RIO FMG […]


Free Access to Top Stocks with Alan Kohler

December 29, 2016 | In The News , Investment |

Barry Dawes recently spoke with Alan Kohler for the Top Stocks on “The Constant Investor”. If you’re not already a subscriber (why not?!), you have still listen to Barry. We’ve been given free 24-hour access to The Constant Investor so that our clients can listen to episode. Just click on this: and sign up. The 24-hour free […]


Global Boom Now Rolling On – Dawes Points #58

November 29, 2016 | Dawes Points |

Wow!  What a blast! Key Points Equities up to new highs Bonds down sharply Commodities up Iron ore hits US$80/t! Infrastructure to further surge Technology to soar And yes, Gold, at major support, still looks brilliant in a rising wealth world. You have been well prepared for all of this Thanks for joining me on […]


Gold – Ready to move up again #56

October 25, 2016 | Dawes Points |

Key Points Gold market bottoming after a 15 week consolidation Dawes Points ASX Gold Sector Universe at PER 9.0x FY17 Gold in other currencies looking strong Global gold sector running short of reserves Inflation indicators turning up Oil has bottomed and is heading higher Global bond market 35 year party now over US banking sector […]


Research Report: Torian Resources (ASX:TNR)

October 21, 2016 | Research |

Torian Resources is a key participant in the Zuleika Corridor Gold Camp Key Points TNR is earning 49% of ~223km2 along the Zuleika Corridor by spending $5m Zuleika Corridor Coolgardie Domain already has >7moz in resources 7 major recent gold discoveries in contiguous ground by NST & EVN 55,000m of RAB and RC drilling planned […]


Bonds, Gold, Economic Activity and the Great Bifurcation Revolution – Part 1 

September 26, 2016 | Dawes Points |

In this issue: the bond bubble is about to burst, who is issuing and standing behind government bonds? Funds are flowing out of bonds and into gold, commodities and equities – with the key market leaders being Australian Gold stocks. While in the last decade 3,300m people have been accelerating their wealth generation and living standards so energy and steel consumption in Non-OECD (mostly China, India and ASEAN) has rapidly overtaken OECD countries. The Recession of 1982, the worst since the 1930s, led to the biggest US equity bull market ever. Is this what is happening again now, globally? Read the latest Dawes Points for a detailed analysis.

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