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Free Access to Top Stocks with Alan Kohler

December 29, 2016 | In The News , Investment |

Barry Dawes recently spoke with Alan Kohler for the Top Stocks on “The Constant Investor”. If you’re not already a subscriber (why not?!), you have still listen to Barry. We’ve been given free 24-hour access to The Constant Investor so that our clients can listen to episode. Just click on this: and sign up. The 24-hour free […]


Interview: The Constant Investor with Alan Kohler – Gold Spolight

September 21, 2016 | In The News |

Barry Dawes appeared on The Constant Investor with Alan Kohler at the end of August. The Spotlight – Gold Published by Alan Kohler – August 27, 2016 Gold is in The Spotlight this week. I speak with Barry Dawes, Executive Chairman of investment firm Martin Place Securities. Barry is one of Australia’s best gold bulls and speaks […]


Mining Journal: Australia’s gold renaissance

September 15, 2016 | In The News |

Mining Journal feature article: The current move up in the US$ gold price is doing wonderful things for the Australian gold industry today. For the past three months since May 1, 2016, the average weekly close has been A$1,753/oz and so far in our July/June financial year it has been A$1,768 after being A$1,663 for the June 2016 half – A$100/oz better than the June half.


CNBC: Gold is in a powerful bull market

September 13, 2016 | In The News |

Tuesday, 13 Sep 2016: Barry Dawes appeared on CNBC’s  “Commodities Corner” talking about the gold market. Watch the full video on the CNBC website: Every correction in the gold market has been quite shallow, which hints at strong underlying demand, says Barry Dawes from Martin Place Securities.  


MNN: Gold can keep rising

August 30, 2016 | In The News |

Gold is the true store of value and should be considered as a currency and never just another commodity. Its true purpose in turn is primarily a recognised and portable store of value and has been shown to be so for millennia. Today, whether it be necklaces in India, intricate figurines in China or coins […]

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